About Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)


What is the Electronic Logging Device Mandate?

The 516-page ELD mandate, also known as the “Final Rule”, updated previous safety administrations to include sections on Hours-of-Service (HOS) and how electronic logging devices can make your drivers’ lives easier while remaining compliant with HOS.

The basics of the FMCSA ruling states that ELDs:
•    Must track a driver’s hours-of-service electronically;
•    Connect to the truck’s engine to capture drive status;
•    Must be connected to a central monitoring system where a fleet manager can keep track of drivers’ status;
•    Will address driver harassment problems by eliminating pressure.

Within two years, approximately three million drivers are expected to be impacted by this ruling. Unless otherwise exempt by the new rule, trucking fleets without fleet monitoring software that includes an electronic logbook will be required to update their technology.

What the Electronic Logging Device Mandate means for Canadian Drivers

Canadian regulations do not currently require ELDs.

Canada is expected to regulate and mandate the use of ELDs in the foreseeable future.

However, Canadian truck drivers operating commercial motor vehicles into the U.S. are not exempt; any vehicle that operates on U.S. roadways will be required to have a compliant ELD by 18th December 2017.

HOS regulations in Canada allow a driver to make a daily log by using a ELD which is installed in a commercial motor vehicle.

The use of the ELD ensures complete compliance with any regulations for all jurisdictions that we operate in.

Canadian Hours of Service rules state:

Canadian Daily Limits:

1.    No Driving after 13 hours of Driving.
2.    No Driving after 14 hours of On Duty Time.
3.    No Driving after 16 hours of elapsed time, since start of shift.

Must have 10 hours off in One Day. (8 hours must be Consecutive and a further 2 hours at minimum 30 minutes increments. If the breaks are not of 30 minutes duration, then the driver must have 10 hours consecutive time off duty, at the end of the daily shift)

Must have 24 hours off duty in last 14 days.

U.S. Daily Limits

1.    No Driving after 10 Hours of Driving.
2.    Must have 8 hours consecutive Off Duty
3.    No Driving after 15 hours of elapsed time on Duty

60/70 hour limit: The driver may not drive after 60/70 hours on duty within the last 7/8 days respectively.

These times for either Canada or USA must include all pre and post trip duties performed by the driver (inspections, cleaning, fuel, etc.)

BlueStar has adopted the US rules (whether we are operating in Canada or the USA) to help ensure complete safety for our guests, as it provides the driver with the best balance of work and rest within a workday.